Camilla Bellone

Maître-Assistant until April 2014

Publications :

  • De la Rossa A*, Bellone C*, Golding B, Vitali I, Moss J, Toni N, Lüscher C, Jabaudon D, In vivo reprogramming of circuit connectivity in postmitotic neocortical neurons, Nature Neuroscience, 2013, 6:193-200. *equal contribution.

  • Bellone C, Mameli M, Lüscher C. In utero exposure to cocaine delays postnatal synaptic maturation of glutamatergic transmission in the VTA. Nature Neurosci., 2011, 14:1439-46.

  • Mameli M, Bellone C, Brown MT, Lüscher C. Cocaine inverts rules for synaptic plasticity of glutamate transmission in the VTA. Nat Neurosci. 2011, 4:414-6.

  • Matthew T.C. Brown, Camilla Bellone, Manuel Mameli, Gwenael Labouèbe, Christina Bocklisch, Bénédicte Balland, Lionel Dahan, Rafael Luján, Karl Deisseroth, Christian Lüscher. Drug-Driven AMPA Receptor Redistribution Mimicked by Selective Dopamine Neuron Stimulation. PLoS ONE, Epub 2010 December 31.

  • Bellone C., Lüscher C., Mameli M.. Mechanisms of synaptic depression triggered by metabotropic glutamate receptors. Cell. Mol. Life Science 2008 Sep;65(18):2913-23. Review.

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  • Lüscher C, Tomita S., Byrd RK., Rouach n., Bellone C., Venegas A. OÕBrian JL., Kim KS., Olsen O.,Nicoll RA., Bredt DS.. PA receptors and stargazin-like transmembrane AMPA receptor-regulatory proteins mediate hippocampal kainate neurotoxicity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2007 :18784-8 (IF 10.2)

  • Bellone C. and Nicoll R.. Rapid bidirectional switching of synaptic NMDA receptors. Neuron 2007 :779-85 (IF 13.9)

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  • Bellone C. and Lüscher C.. mGluRs induce a long-term depression in the ventral tegmental area that involves a switch of the subunit composition of AMPA receptors. Eur J Neurosci. 2005 :1280-8. (IF 3.7)

  • Colciaghi F, Borroni B, Zimmermann M, Bellone C., Longhi A, Padovani A, Cattabeni F, Christen Y, Di Luca M..Amyloid precursor protein metabolism is regulated toward alpha-secretase pathway by Ginkgo biloba extracts. Neurobiol. Dis. 2004 :454-60.(IF 4.1)

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  • Gardoni F., Kamal A., Bellone C., Biessels GJ., Ramakers GMJ., Cattabeni F., Gispen WH.and Di Luca M.. Effects of streptozotocin-Diabetes on the hippocampal NMDA receptor complex in rats. J. Neurochem, 2002 :438-47. (IF 4.3)

  • Gardoni F., Bellone C., Cattabeni F. and Di Luca M.. PKC activation modulates aCaMKII binding to NR2A subunit of NMDA receptor complex. J.Biol.Chem 2001 : 7609-7613 (IF 5.8)

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