Frederique Berton

Post-Doc from 2003-2005

  • Cruz HG, Berton F, Sollini M, Blanchet C, Pravetoni M, Wickman K. & Lüscher C. Absence and rescue of morphine withdrawal in GIRK knockout mice, J Neurosci, 28:4069-77, 2008

  • Mutneja, M, Berton F, Suen KF, Lüscher C, Slesinger PA. Endogenous RGS proteins enhance acute desensitization of GABAB receptor-activated GIRK currents in HEK-293T cells. Euro. J. Physiol. 2005 Apr;450:(1):61-73. Epub 2004 Dec 10.

  • Bradaia, A.; Berton, F.; Ferrari, S. & Lüscher, C beta-arrestin2, interacting with phosphodiesterase 4, regulates synaptic release probability and presynaptic inhibition by opioids, PNAS. 2005 Feb 22;102(8):3034-39. Epub 2005 Feb 17.

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