The department of basic neuroscience at the University of Geneva (Lüscher lab) is looking for two postdoctoral fellows with expertise in in vivo calcium imaging (fibre photometry & miniscopes in mice) & single cell transcriptomics (rodents & human).

Projects involve the epigenetic markers of vulnerability to drug addiction, characterisation of dysfunctional circuits in mouse models of feeding disorders, and transcriptional plasticity in the STN of patients undergoing deep brain stimulation.

Starting dates are flexible, and funding secured by the ERC and SwissNSF. Stipends are according to University of Geneva scales (e.g. postdoctoral starting salary 81’000 CHF pa).

For more information on the lab visit: http://www.addictionscience.unige.ch/labpublications/

 Please send your application (CV, Publist & 3 references) to Helene-Sophie.Renneboog(at)unige.ch before October 25, 2020.